1. Duplex print and copy.

Printing on both sides of a page is the best way to reduce paper use. Many printers and multi-function printers provide automatic double-sided printing. And some document feeders on multi-function printers allow you to scan both sides of a page at once for fast double-sided copying.

  1. Use recycled paper and recycle used paper.

The paper industry’s goal is to reach 60% paper recovery by 2012, according to the Paper Industry Association Council. Recycling paper fiber saves trees, energy, water and chemicals. Keep a recycling box at each desk to make it easy to collect used paper. And choose environmentally preferable papers such as recycled content papers, and papers certified to sustainable forest management standards (FSC or SFI).

  1. Go paperless.

Distribute documents electronically instead of in hard copy when practical.

  1. Conserve toner and ink.

Use draft and toner-saving modes for prints that don’t require high-quality output, such as emails or rough drafts. Save high-resolution color for prints that matter most, such as presentations and customer-facing materials.

  1. Buy in bulk.

Buying your groceries in bulk saves on the per-unit cost and reduces waste by using less packaging. Keep the same principle in mind when you buy supplies like toner or recycled paper. Look for the words “high-efficiency” or “high-capacity” to denote bulk-sized items that lower your per-print or per-unit cost.

  1. Return toner bottles and cartridges for recycling.

Recycling programs have kept millions of used printer supplies out of landfills. Some manufacturers even offer pre-paid shipping labels to return empty toner cartridges.

  1. Replace stand-alone devices with MFPs.

Instead of buying several individual scanners or printers, buy one product that can print, copy, scan and fax. You’ll save money by purchasing supplies for only one device instead of several. Plus, you’ll cut energy, which you would have used to power all those separate devices.

  1. Choose energy-saving products.

Save money on energy bills by choosing ENERGY STAR® compliant products.

  1. Take advantage of trade-in offers.

Turn in your old device for savings on a new printer or multi-function printer. We can dispose of your old device properly or re-manufacture the parts to reduce waste.