Simplicity Redefined

Take a tour of our new impressive user interface available in our new VersaLink and AltaLink products.


  • Ideal for smaller workgroups in decentralized settings without full IT support, printers and multifunction printers in the VersaLink family are full-featured, app-centric workplace assistants. They provide an intuitive user experience and allow users to work whenever, from wherever.


  • With more performance and scalability for centralized, mid-size and larger workgroups, AltaLink multifunction printers deliver—with the advanced finishing options businesses need to boost output while reducing time spent on task.


Each ConnectKey Technology-enabled printer and multifunction printer in our lineup becomes the center of a productivity ecosystem, bringing together all your devices, delivering an intuitive user experience, providing mobile and cloud connectivity, complete security and access to valueextending services right out of the box. You’ll do more than print, scan or copy. You’ll connect like never before.


Technology That Works For You

Today’s professionals need to operate beyond office walls and 9-5 schedules. That’s why ConnectKey enabled multifunction printers offer fully integrated mobile, scanning and cloud-based solutions – so your office is always at your fingertips.


Today’s workplace has evolved beyond the ability of any single machine to fulfill the
productivity needs of the modern, mobile, always connected workforce. It’s time to
stop thinking about printers as standalone, task-specific workhorses, and start
demanding more up-to-date, useful—and useable—solutions.

With a ConnectKey® Technology-enabled fleet —regardless of model—the user experience is always consistent. Common functions work similarly on every machine so users learn once and apply fleet-wide. New installation wizards streamline setup to get you started with little or no IT support. Print drivers look and feel the same, while the Xerox® Global Print Driver® can be used on all machines regardless of model.


Be More Mobile

Helping you get work done from anywhere on any device.

  • Print from iPhones® or iPads® with built-in support for Apple AirPrint.
  • Print from any device to any device when integrated with Xerox Mobile Print – available as a cloud service or server-side installation.
  • ConnectKey enabled multifunction printers are Mopria™ certified. Mopria certification ensures you can print wirelessly from your Mopria supported smart phone, tablet and other mobile devices instantly and easily without any setup.
  • ConnectKey enabled multifunction printers can be connected wirelessly so you can put your multifunction printer anywhere you need it without worrying about network infrastructure.


Scan Smarter

Reduce reliance on paper and capture key information with scanning features that simplify workflows.

  • Create single or multi-page, text-searchable PDFs through optical character recognition (OCR) so information is never locked in paper documents.
  • ConnectKey Share to Cloud scans to cloud-based repositories such as Evernote, Dropbox™, Microsoft Office 365,, Google Docs and Google Drive for conversion, distribution and archiving.
  • ConnectKey for SharePoint scans files directly into Microsoft SharePoint and other Windows folders.
  • ConnectKey for DocuShare directly scans and routes documents to existing DocuShare collections, shared network folders, email and to the cloud. See what you can do with ConnectKey for DocuShare.

Work The Way You Want

Staying up to speed means having the right kind of help. That’s why we have technology and software that empowers you to work faster and collaborate better.


All ConnectKey-enabled printers and multifunction printers give you the freedom to work where and how you want to—with direct connectivity to Google Drive™, Microsoft® OneDrive® and Dropbox™ and access to additional options through the Xerox App Gallery. The ability to connect and print from multiple devices is key for today’s mobile worker, and ConnectKey multifunction printers are ready to roll with optional Wi-Fi® connectivity, front-panel-integrated Near Field Communication (NFC) Tap-to-Pair, Apple® AirPrint® and native apps for Google Cloud Print™, Xerox® Print Service for Android™ and Mopria®.

MFP and smartphone

With easy-to-use apps like Print@PrintByXerox, printing to any ConnectKey Technology printer is as easy as sending an email with an attachment and retrieving it at any ConnectKey Technology-enabled device worldwide. It’s easy, secure and free. Scan or print directly to or from the cloud, easily share documents with individuals or groups without the hassle of multiple steps and create editable documents from hard copy source material. It’s all possible, right from the device.


Embedded Support

Reach Xerox Online Support database while on the Xerox ConnecKey multifunction printer

Reduce employee frustration and downtime with on-device access to the full Xerox Online Support database from both the user interface and the print driver – the same content available to your support technicians – and Embedded Help Videos.


Faster Multifunction Printer Setup

Clone existing configurations and send them to any ConnectKey multifunction printer for easy set up

Speed up your setup by easily cloning existing multifunction printer configurations and sending them to a similar ConnectKey enabled multifunction printer. Not only is this faster, it ensures consistent settings for security compliance.


Connect Safely

Businesses are only getting more connected and that brings increased risks, even for multifunction printers. With ConnectKey, you can finally protect your multifunction printers similar to how you protect PCs from viruses and malware, and control access to end points on your network – making your multifunction printer a fully secured network citizen.


McAfee® Embedded Security

Take comfort that only approved, predefined applications, code and files will run on your Xerox multifunction printers – the first in the industry to protect themselves from potential outside threats.


With ConnectKey, Xerox is the first company to offer McAfee whitelisting technology for multifunction printers. This means you can:

  • Detect and prevent unauthorized access and tampering of multifunction printer files and send alerts.
  • Have a single point of reference for monitoring, reporting and alerts through the McAfee Enterprise security console ePolicy Orchestrator and Xerox Managed Print Services tool set.
  • Lock multifunction printer configurations for organizational compliance and to reduce the need for manual software updates to stay ahead of emerging threats.

Get additional, proactive data protection with McAfee® Integrity Control that integrates with your organization’s processes and doesn’t cause access or productivity headaches.


Cisco® TrustSec Integration

Cisco® TrustSec integration provides comprehensive visibility of all ConnectKey enabled multifunction printers’ endpoints to enforce IT-centric security policies and compliance.


Protection From Day One

Security features are standard on ConnectKey multifunction printers

Standard out-of-the-box features go to work as soon as you power on your ConnectKey enabled multifunction printer.
  • 256Bit HD Encryption with Image Overwrite.
  • Secure Print with time deletion.
  • Secure external email connectivity that encrypts data transfer between multifunction
    printers and externally hosted mail servers.

Industry Standards Verification Check

Satisfy Common Criteria Certification requirements with a simple audit to verify the embedded software controller has not been altered.

Real-World Challenges, Real Savings

Reducing costs is vital to staying competitive. ConnectKey saves you money with tools to help people work more efficiently and control the resources used by your multifunction printer.


Account capabilities are built into ConnectKey multifunction printers

Enhance visibility into your organization’s print activity with built-in accounting capabilities. ConnectKey also offers job-based network accounting that integrates with third-party accounting and billing solutions from Xerox Business Partners.


Power Management Tools

ConnectKey multifunction printers are compatible with energy management solutions

ConnectKey enabled multifunction printers are compatible with energy management solutions such as Cisco® EnergyWise that allow IT operations and facilities to measure and fine-tune power usage to realize significant cost savings.

Key aspects of the solution include:

  • IT power management for network-attached devices like ConnectKey enabled multifunction printers.
  • Visibility, control and automation – 24-hour monitoring and reporting, ease of configuration and policy enforcement.

For example, with Cisco energy management solutions, you can set power states for the multifunction printer for optimal power savings. You can also set the multifunction printer to go to sleep mode after 10 minutes, get current power consumption information, and set timeout to low power and sleep modes.


ENERGY STAR® Compliance

As a charter partner of the international ENERGY STAR® program, each new generation of Xerox® products offers more functionality and uses less energy – saving our customers money and reducing their carbon footprint.