Remote Workers Still Need Printers

For many companies, full-time remote work has become a short-term solution for protecting employee health and safety—not a long-term one. Eventually, many employers hope that employees will return to work on-site at least part-time. As of October 2020, even the tech giant Microsoft has created a “hybrid workplace” to allow employees to work on-site as needed. There are many reasons why employees may need to work on-site, whether that means reporting to a Miami headquarters every week or only a few times a year. Physical work spaces foster and enable:

  • Collaboration and productivity (70% of employees are less productive working from home!)
  • Company culture
  • Access to equipment—including (but not limited to) printers, copiers, scanners, and fax machines


To that last point, most remote employees still have the same responsibilities that they did before their jobs shifted to home-based work. Take the job of Product Delivery Lead at Lennar Homes, a corporation headquartered in Miami. This remote-eligible position, listed in November 2020, allows the employee to work from home but they must be located near one of the company’s offices in the United States. This implies the need for hybrid work. The employee mostly works from home but may be required to come to the office from time to time.

For South Florida companies looking to re-think their office spaces, it is essential that office equipment factor into planning. One name that enters many equipment managers’ minds is “Xerox.” As an office technology innovator, Xerox offers a wide variety of office solutions. Over the course of more than 50 years, Xerox has been a leader in everything from copying to cloud services to 3-D printing.


Some equipment needs an employee with a hybrid work model may have include:

  • Document printing: The printer is the first equipment need that comes to mind for many employees. Not everyone has a home printer or a printer that can handle the capacity of printing multiple, high-quality documents. Xerox offers multifunction printers for different team sizes, whether an office has a work team of 2 to 10 users or much larger workgroups.
  • Banner printing: A standard home printer cannot handle large-scale graphics work, such as banner printing.The Xerox PrimeLink C9065/C9070 is an example of a product that offers banner printing with breakthrough performance, from image quality to finishing.
  • Copying: Similar to document printing, many employees have to make copies at a quantity or quality that a standard home printer cannot handle. This is certainly a reason to come into the office. Whether an equipment manager seeks a copier that produces black-and-white or color copies, Xerox offers a wide menu of options.
  • Scanning: Many office employees simply do not have a scanner of any kind at home, let alone one that allows for scanning larger documents at an incredible resolution. Whether they need to scan government I.D.s, concept drawings, and archival photographs, employees of all kinds probably will need scanner access at some point. (And design workers will need it far more often than most!) Xerox carries equipment that will lets one scan and even email the document or save it to the cloud.
  • Faxing: Though it’s tempting to think that email makes fax machines obsolete, that is definitely not the case. It’s the network effect: enough businesses still use fax, so businesses need to use fax in order to do businesses. Plus, it can be isolated from the Internet and communicate over phone networks for encrypted communication. Xerox offers equipment with fax capabilities, too.


Today, TinLof Technologies is South Florida’s most experienced company in Xerox technology services. As the only Xerox authorized agency for most of Broward and Miami-Dade Counties, TinLof thinks both globally and locally. This is a privilege since Xerox only allows one authorized agent per geographic area. Doing business with TinLof means supporting a local business while enjoying the benefits of a global brand known for its pioneering efforts in office solutions. TinLof Technology has been honored for its superior customer service. With account managers who are knowledgeable about Xerox products, customers get the equipment that best suits their needs. TinLof also helps the community, which has proven especially essential during the pandemic, when local South Florida families needed extra help preparing for the new school year.


Currently, TinLof has several limited time offers for as low as $99.99/month. Connect with TinLof Technologies, the Xerox distributor of Miami, for office equipment orders today:


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